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Author Topic: Univers - Applycation For Staff [LOCKED]  (Read 146 times)


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Univers - Applycation For Staff [LOCKED]
« on: September 04, 2015, 10:36:25 am »
1. Your name: Univers
2. Your age:11
3. Your nationality:RO
5. Your timezone:GMT+3
7. Rate your English skills (x/10): 8/10
8. Tell us a bit about yourself (Minimum 100 words): Well,my name is Mohamed Khater I have 10 years old I live in Constanta,Romania my dad works as a business man he love that I have many friends in romania I play with them ex:marawan and etc.. my favorite sports are football,basketball,tennis when I will be a adult I wanna be business man too I like that very much and I want to be like my dad's job while i am small now i must participate sports etc, and i am playing MTA Now i liked this game and i will play forever i love my amazing life.

In-game Information

1. In-game name: Univers
2. Account name: Univers
3. MTA serial: B4BFD84F35CE114A4C32EC262249F283
4. Punishlog (Link the URL): http://imgur.com/l4dZDTt
5. In-game hours (How Much and Screen Shot): http://imgur.com/nHDfXn0 [Note My Old Acc Had 7 hours.]
6. Current group: SWAT
7. Previous group:SAPD

General Questions

1. Why are you interested in the staff job (Minimum 100 words): Well, To Help People Better
2. What is motivating you to contribute to New Gaming Community (Minimum 80 words): Well I Will Help Cuz It Will Be Like Community So I Must Help Very Much As Helping Who Is Joining If Anyone Want Something I Should'nt Ignore I Just Ignore When Its Something Hard, Impossible + I Wish To Be Staff To Have my friends with me and have fun.
3. What do you think a staff actually do: Helping People Not More
4. If you were accepted, would you be active and focus on the staff job (Yes/No): Yes
5. Do you know Scripting [Yes/No] : No

Situational Questions

1. What would you do if a player is spamming the support chat: Mute.
2. What would you do if a player is advertising for another server in the support chat: Ban, Mute
3. What would you do if a player is asking a question in the mainchat: SMS Him.
4. A player used /helpme but you are busy with your group (training/turfing), what do you do: i Will Ignore cuz i am not staff in that time.
5. Your in-game friend is misusing the support chat, what do you do and why: Mute, Cuz Its The Rules, Of The Server I Must Respect Them

7. A player is asking you in mainchat to warp to him, 2 seconds later he sms you and asking you to warp to him, what do you do: do t/busy and ignore him or mute.
8. A player is spamming your sms saying "help", "warp fast", "pls". What do you do: Mute.
9. A player is insulting another player, what do you do: I Will Warp Them To Me And Make them friends.
10. A player is insulting a friend of yours, what do you do: Well, My friends must respect the rules too so i will make them friends.
11. A player is insulting you, what do you do: Stop That And Fly.
12. You get a possibly DM message, a player killed his groupmate in LS, what do you do: He Is Deathmatching So Jail.
13. Another staff created an event, you warp to this admin and notice a player disturbing the event (deathmatching/running around etc), what do you do: Freeze Him And speak with him to stop it
14. Hamma is talking to you in the admin chat but his attitude is ****ing you off, what do you do: Ignore Or, I Will Tell Him Pls Stop.


1. I agree that I will not abuse my administrative powers given to me (Yes/No): Yes
2. I understand and agree that this application may only give me trial staff, and nothing more (Yes/No): Yes
3. I agree that I will be kicked if I break a rule (Yes/No): Yes
4. I agree that as a staff, I will not consider myself more important than other players (Yes/No): Yes
5. I agree that this application is written by myself (Yes/No): Yes
6. I agree to prior my staff job in front of having fun with friends (Yes/No): No
7. I agree to take this job seriously if I am accepted (Yes/No): Yes
8. I agree to obey the staff manager (Yes/No): Yes
9. I agree the staff code of conduct (Yes/No): Yes

Signed: your name here
« Last Edit: September 07, 2015, 12:19:07 pm by #Majd »

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Re: Univers - Applycation For Staff [LOCKED]
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2015, 12:19:53 pm »
Please, make new apply, this apply removed due to old server different than new Server.
Thanks, regards Majd (TheGhost)
CIG <3


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